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Authentic Earl Nightingale - From the desk of Diana Nightingale

Through the years much has been written about the life and career of, Earl Nightingale along with what people assume he was really like in his private life! Some, which is written is accurate and some has been embellished by folks who never knew the man at all!

Recently, I was having dinner with a close friend and associate and we were talking about Earl and my life with him.  My friend mentioned that he always found the stories I told about the experience or the, why, around the creation of some of Earl's work to be as interesting and as profound as the content itself and suggested that I share those stories - the ones that only I, as Earl's wife can tell. I told him I'd give it a try.

So, you will find this unusual website, where products are wrapped in stories, and will be unlike other websites that you may visit.  I hope you will enjoy your visit here and perhaps wish to learn more about us and visit us often. I also hope you will buy our products and if I may be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diana Nightingale

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